Thursday, December 13, 2012


Let's continue! Can you see the vintage bracelet above the image? It's special for me only. Hahaha. LOL It's actually a DIY vintage bracelet. All you need to do is just pick those tiny thingy that you like and they'll make it nicely for u. The shop named Vintage 1988, girls may have your charms there ;) Before making the bracelet, I've walk around to find a shirt which suit to it and finally get it at Brands Outlet. I think they're match, isn't it? Comment please! There's still something Not Right, it's too dull for people like me, with tanned skin TT So, pick a pinky bling bear on my mobile phone. My phone looks purple!  A tiny thing can make a big change, sometimes :)

There's many nice stuff inside.
Girls who like vintage MUST go there ;)
Eiffel: I love you♥
Camera: I like photography
Treble: Music is my soul
R: Reika!
Puppy: My favorite animal
SnowFlake: Like the feeling when things all around me is all in WHITE.
Cupido Arrow: Waiting for the LOVE one, and I love him too! 
I like something may will give out sound on me.
The reason that why I buy both.
I think is really nice when both wearing together :)
Talk about Vintage and I remember I've got a vintage mustache at The Japanese Charity :)
This picture is edited by me. Nice? My skill is improving^^

To all readers,
I'm very very sorry to YOU here. I have no idea why is this post have disappear suddenly. I'm sure that some of u have read it coz there's a prove that I published(below image) but some of u don't. I'm so sorry about that. I'm trying to retype one. Is different than the previous post. I've try my best to rewrite them again. Hope u enjoy reading still. Thanks!

Nights~Just a simple retype. Sorry.

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