Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HK PolyU. Taiwan Orchestra performance.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is coming to our school for admission. It's actually for Senior3 students and 2 science class to attend. I was skipping my class to AV2 for the talk. I have an interest to know more about university now because I have an uncertain future :\ I think I will tend to course like Engineering. I wish to study a better university for Chemical Engineering, if can Architecture :) but the first thing that I'm gonna do now is to Improve my English Ability. I admit my English is really sucks. I'm practicing my writing now. That why I'm blogging here.

Too bad. I cant find my course here.
This university is more on Civil and Mechanical Engineering


We will be giving a performance on this Saturday as a Welcome to 曼陀林 orchestra from Taiwan. The one who's coming to give us their performance are those who went Taiwan study after they had UEC in Malaysia! Hello, welcome home :) Of course, we're not the main one, wind orchestra do. Our performance is just a 10 minutes of that night. Many people will be attend at this night, those rich public figure from Taiwan and some of our school's parent. No entrance fee needed but ticket for free. I've got 4 :P The thing that I worry the most is myself! I cant believe that I'm in violin 1. I have no confidence to play it well. There are 3 songs to perform on that night, The Lion King, Final Countdown and Radetzky March. I started to practice everyday at home. It's so hard! Most of them is on 3rd position or even 5th position! I'm not that Pro:( OMG. Our orchestra instructor ask us play one by one today. I'm not prepared! So damn nervous, and I played like shit just now T.T I just concentrate on my violin practice and forget about my wearing on that night! Just remember it while my friend is borrowing her costume today. I have to borrow a dress or buy it immediately! oh No, this Reika is so mafan>< I hope my fatty dummy body can fit in my friend's clothes-. Because of this show, I sacrifice my playing time after school. Taking a violin to school is so damn heavy!! It's ok, I love it ♡ feel happy while playing it ^^

Come and join us to watch an amazing performance from Taiwan :)



  1. Good Luck darling! I hope your performance go on smoothly!!!! <3 <3 <3


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