Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas decoration in Malls

Shopping day on Wednesday with Constance♥ We were taking picture around Midvalley. Those Christmas celebration decoration is so nice. There was a Santa Claus sitting in the wooden house to let us photograph him. I though he was a Malay or Chinese, but is Angmo!!! There's already an Angmo sis beside me xD Having fun with her. Shopping a lot! I found out this girl love Rilakkuma very much, like me:P We both are Scopio!!! Hahaha. We had our tea break at Dome. It's first time went in. I like their Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake. You should try! Trust me, you'll in Love with it. We took one more home. After Hi-Tea, I went to Constance house. My lovely sister Costance lent me her Dad's guitar! Omg. I'm so damn excited. I quickly search "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift and try to play it. We sing along together :D Few hours later, SUDDENLY her mom Back! We were shocked. Sis even rise her tone xP
(Pictures were puzzled. It may be small)

Which to you think it's nice?
Cosmetic :)

Taking the Prom ticket today. Hey I miss you Sandy^^ Since my uncle can't fetch me home, I watch movie, CZ12 by Jackie Chan and sitting at Starbucks blogging now ;P Have a look with those picture which taken in 1utama. I go shopping almost eveyrday. Oh NO!

A gift for HER that invite me to her house on Christmas eve♥ These chocolates are in cute size! Hope her family will like it :)

Is it today the last day?

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