Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm getting better and better using 美图秀秀 edit photo:P Do you like the picture above? It's a bit vintage feel :) Mustache Please follow Daphraelizreika, Love you^^  I'd seen many people wearing mustache clothes, accessories, jewelries.. something like this and posted on Instagram. I was attracted by it's cuteness xD Soon, I saw it at The Bazaar Japanese Charity. I'm not sure which brand is it but as long as it is for charity, I bought it :) After that charity, we went to Pavilion and I saw a black one in Diva. That time, DIVA was having sales! It's just RM13 for that nacklace.

Cute like a fluffy♥♥
Kitty wearing Mustache too! ♥

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