Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Coffee & Spicy Company

I'm gonna talk about food today. Everyone like it! Who don't? U will lost half of your happiness without food xD What I like the most is same as most of the girls, dessert!!! No matter how full you're, girls always have the "second" stomach for them :P I like dine fine restaurants but I like cafe more. How can we miss Hi-Tea? I rather skip dinner but I won't lost the chance of enjoying coffee and cake at evening. The more interesting new things, the best. I'm thinking if one day I can have my own cafe, i will design many many special desserts and chit-chat with those HiTea-ers for the rest of my live:D 

I actually took a lot of picture about FOOD in my phone. But today I'm gonna blog about the last Saturday at The Coffee & Spicy Company. They're having promotion. Buy 2 set and get another Free 1 set. Aunt and I having it in 1Utama branch. It's too free after Piano lesson every Saturday in his month. Clay lesson have been stop for a month. So we go to the nearest mall to have our dinner :) July don't come please, I'm so enjoy this "holiday" now >< Without the clay lesson we can slowly choose our meal, eat slowly, and chit-chat around. I needa relaxxxx x.x 


HIGHLY Recommended
That's spicy, but for people like me who don't even eat pepper, I ask them make it unspicy.
EVERYBODY, You really should try this.
I'd not eat this kind of delicious spaghetti for ages!

If you wanna try some LOW-FAT Ice-cream. Welcome to NBrew in Midvalley!
The shop designed using Chemistry concept since they're using some chemically reaction to make Ice-cream. I went there with Christian 2 months ago. COOOOOOOOOOOOL! I'd told all my friends after that day, they tried too!
First, they add the yogurt to me mixer. Slowly, added some liquid hydrogen. Quite few times repeat later, at in the ice-cream flavor, and It's Done :) It's really a smart way!

I miss that Ice-cream now /.\
Anyway, I miss my baby more, even we see each other in school everyday. I'm still deciding go or not, PLEASE Haze!!! Such a "nice" school -.- It's getting serious already. I hate you Indonesia!

Skype w baby. Shhhhhhhhh....
Don't scold me xP
Hi baby! 
Drink more water.
Wear mask.
Take care :)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

I don't really have a type. If I like you, I like you♥

I'm sorry about both March and June, Taiwan trip and Japan trip has not been uploaded pictures. Too buzy in relationship xD Currently I'm hugging my Bunny Lisa, using my phone to blog in the Sunday morning. It's time for blogging!

Good news here. I have a boyfriend! (Y)
This is my very first relationship. FINALLY I've got the right one :D
I love you so much Christian♥
(I really hope you read this but please ignore my grammar mistake and this "baby English" Don't laugyh! !)

Our relationship being at 2 April 2013.  I have no idea how we start(?) but I have a crush on this guy during the March holiday, when I'm in Taiwan. We chat every night during the trip. (Maybe he's too boring? Or we actually interested to each other)
A kind of trusted feeling, told me, he's a very nice guy.

He's at my next door. This the first year we meet each other, at the Chemistry tuition. Can't believe why the entire 4 years in Kuen Cheng, we don't know each other ><

Our first date is on the sports day, we went out to Paradigm mall after that. Seems weird and strange, since we don't know each other much. But then outing together become quite normal for us, going out frequently. 

Our news spread quickly on Facebook. Our parents and relatives, even sister in UK, all knows! His mother make fun on I'm calling him baby. His sister also, after the bunny is bought. Such a cute family ;)
The people who closest to me, Mom, she is so excited when she knows :D Also, some friends is shocked terribly. The first thing my piano teacher ask me, do Christian learn music? Of course, He's talented :D How can I have a boyfriend who don't know music since I love it so much! Hahaha.

More than a week later, we have been together for 3 months! Yay. Time pass quickly. .
There's still much, too much and I don't know how to say. I think LOVE should be keep, without explaining, only for both of us♡