Thursday, August 1, 2013


There are 2 place I go very often recently, Cinema and Starbucks.
I go MidValley and TheGardens almost everyday after school. Sometimes with the boyfriend, sometimes alone.(He's a busy guy-.-) I was so happy that last month, July I watched so many movies =D -feeling excited- I like "Now you see me" ♥ MAGIC!

Baby promised we can go for a movie, Pacific Rim! But he had to go home earlier for badminton :(
So, we had our early "dinner" at Fong Lye Fusion, we're so lucky, normally you can't find a seat in that restaurant. Not bad for the noodle, it's quite a lot for a set. The potato ball is chewy and tasty! We love it so much♥
Wanna try Alexis next time :) 

After that, we gonna separate :( 
I WATCHED "The Conjuring" ALONE!! -SCARY-
Finally I can watch PG18 movie, few more months later, I'm a 18 year old young lady^^ -I feel good-
( I rather watch this scary movie alone. There's still many peoples around you, you won't shout to the stranger right? I feel I'm much stronger after the movie;) heh!)

The movie was directed by James Wan!! He's a Malaysian :D I'm so proud of him.
He's a film producer, screenwriter and film director of Malaysian Chinese descent. He is widely known for directing the horror film Saw and creating Billy the puppet. Wan has also directed Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious, and The Conjuring. (Information from Wikipedia)
James Wan by Gage Skidmore.jpg

I'd used up at the cleanser and moisture. Went to watson and grabbed something home :) They look nice! Japan product always being trusted.
Cleanser- 3 in 1 (face wash, make up remover, massage moisturizing pack) It's in form! COTTON CANDY♥  
Moisture- 5 in 1 (Toner, essence, lotion,cream, makeup base) WOW.Cool and convenient ;)

Bought some Jewelries.
I always buy that.
I just like it, even I don't wear it.
A collection in my room.
I feel happy with that :) 

Everyone is checking if they have chosen for National Service.
I'd got my letter. The camp is at Selangor, I wonder why so near :O
Anyway, I've postponed, no need to go :)
(Mom don't want me go actually, she said is dangerous)

Kuen Cheng Wind Orchestra is having a performance at this Saturday.
I'm going with the boyfie. I still don't know what to wear.
DaphRaeLiz Reika

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Coffee & Spicy Company

I'm gonna talk about food today. Everyone like it! Who don't? U will lost half of your happiness without food xD What I like the most is same as most of the girls, dessert!!! No matter how full you're, girls always have the "second" stomach for them :P I like dine fine restaurants but I like cafe more. How can we miss Hi-Tea? I rather skip dinner but I won't lost the chance of enjoying coffee and cake at evening. The more interesting new things, the best. I'm thinking if one day I can have my own cafe, i will design many many special desserts and chit-chat with those HiTea-ers for the rest of my live:D 

I actually took a lot of picture about FOOD in my phone. But today I'm gonna blog about the last Saturday at The Coffee & Spicy Company. They're having promotion. Buy 2 set and get another Free 1 set. Aunt and I having it in 1Utama branch. It's too free after Piano lesson every Saturday in his month. Clay lesson have been stop for a month. So we go to the nearest mall to have our dinner :) July don't come please, I'm so enjoy this "holiday" now >< Without the clay lesson we can slowly choose our meal, eat slowly, and chit-chat around. I needa relaxxxx x.x 


HIGHLY Recommended
That's spicy, but for people like me who don't even eat pepper, I ask them make it unspicy.
EVERYBODY, You really should try this.
I'd not eat this kind of delicious spaghetti for ages!

If you wanna try some LOW-FAT Ice-cream. Welcome to NBrew in Midvalley!
The shop designed using Chemistry concept since they're using some chemically reaction to make Ice-cream. I went there with Christian 2 months ago. COOOOOOOOOOOOL! I'd told all my friends after that day, they tried too!
First, they add the yogurt to me mixer. Slowly, added some liquid hydrogen. Quite few times repeat later, at in the ice-cream flavor, and It's Done :) It's really a smart way!

I miss that Ice-cream now /.\
Anyway, I miss my baby more, even we see each other in school everyday. I'm still deciding go or not, PLEASE Haze!!! Such a "nice" school -.- It's getting serious already. I hate you Indonesia!

Skype w baby. Shhhhhhhhh....
Don't scold me xP
Hi baby! 
Drink more water.
Wear mask.
Take care :)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

I don't really have a type. If I like you, I like you♥

I'm sorry about both March and June, Taiwan trip and Japan trip has not been uploaded pictures. Too buzy in relationship xD Currently I'm hugging my Bunny Lisa, using my phone to blog in the Sunday morning. It's time for blogging!

Good news here. I have a boyfriend! (Y)
This is my very first relationship. FINALLY I've got the right one :D
I love you so much Christian♥
(I really hope you read this but please ignore my grammar mistake and this "baby English" Don't laugyh! !)

Our relationship being at 2 April 2013.  I have no idea how we start(?) but I have a crush on this guy during the March holiday, when I'm in Taiwan. We chat every night during the trip. (Maybe he's too boring? Or we actually interested to each other)
A kind of trusted feeling, told me, he's a very nice guy.

He's at my next door. This the first year we meet each other, at the Chemistry tuition. Can't believe why the entire 4 years in Kuen Cheng, we don't know each other ><

Our first date is on the sports day, we went out to Paradigm mall after that. Seems weird and strange, since we don't know each other much. But then outing together become quite normal for us, going out frequently. 

Our news spread quickly on Facebook. Our parents and relatives, even sister in UK, all knows! His mother make fun on I'm calling him baby. His sister also, after the bunny is bought. Such a cute family ;)
The people who closest to me, Mom, she is so excited when she knows :D Also, some friends is shocked terribly. The first thing my piano teacher ask me, do Christian learn music? Of course, He's talented :D How can I have a boyfriend who don't know music since I love it so much! Hahaha.

More than a week later, we have been together for 3 months! Yay. Time pass quickly. .
There's still much, too much and I don't know how to say. I think LOVE should be keep, without explaining, only for both of us♡


Thursday, March 21, 2013

21032013 Last day exam! :D

Oh yay! finish exam d!!!!!!!! It's time for blogging :D I'm at Plan B now :D

Actually I'm so worry about my result now. Fail again for my Sejarah and B.M. Gosh~ HELP! That's necessary for me to score if not I won't get the SPM certification :( That most SAD things is...Math! That's my only hope but now..x_x Haih. Stop being a lazy bug!
My friends and cousin get their SPM result today. So worry yea. My cousin get full As again-.- that's weird if she didn't get full As. Ya. Reika Suzuki, you're stupid & lazy. People study for their future but YOU?!

Kay. I should turn On my happy and excited mood now. I'm going to Taiwan on this Saturday (Y)  Things that I like to do the most is...Travel and Shopping!!! 

Dear mommy, I love you so muchy♥ 
She paid for my whole trip and gave me 10 pieces of One Thousand Taiwan dollar$.$ I didn't expect that much. Seriously, I'm not coming for a rich family but I have a mom who Love e so much and would give me whatever I want if she can afford. Of course, I won't require too much from her. Still searching a nice and not too expensive Fine Dine in Malaysia. Gonna celebrate mother's day or her birthday with my own money. Mom, you really needa some relax, your life is really too buzy!

So now I gonna think how to spend all this money. HAHAHA. Mom says I can buy whatever I think that's special and nice. Awww♥ I would bring you a present for sure. I'm wondering is that enough for me to shop? I still gonna buy souvenir for my friends nia~

Hmm. so today, the first term examination END. I took a bus and arrived Paradigm. Reason that I choose here:
  1. Kuen Cheng students won't come here (becoz a lot of them will be at malls today such as Midvalley, Pavillion...etc. I don't wanna see any one of them I know. A personal time for me. ) 
  2. GO TO Sephora! Too bad. The member's promotion season is over! But I still buy things there~ A mineral concealer and Cath Kidston lipbalm for me to use in Taiwan. I heard my piano teacher said that there weather is very dry. I wanna buy Sephora Lotion! I thought it is available every time but the promoter said that's only for christmas limited edition. How SAD :(((

  3. Plan B! Know why I only come to PlanB in Paradigm? Becoz they have a very nice "waiter?" that always talk to me and of course discount=P I just like their service ;)
My free Coffee :P
A new different design. Thank you!
I taste good ;)
Coffee art is no nice. Wanna learn it one day if I really can study in England!

Gonna start packing my Taiwan luggage tonight. I really spend a lot in this trip, hope that everything is alright! I just found that all my thing are RED! I think is becoz of Taylor Swift's new album :D Heh! I still bought a new luggage bag that with 4 wheels:D RED! hahaha. Also, I told mom that I wanna wear Canvas at Taiwan. The first choice for me is Keds by Taylor Swift! Wanna buy that so much >.< BUT mom said that's Ugly! WhYYY? /.\ Kay. we pick another one. I like it too:D 
Onitsuka Tiger♥

I love mine more now :P
Spend time sitting in this restaurant now, I don't know what I can do instead of blogging. I looking at the family which sits opposite of my table now. Dad scold his child just now, coz he threw the fork. Haih. I think you should find out why your son did this. If not he will still do the same thing time. As a child, they don't really know much about adult's rule and manners. 
Sometimes, I dream if I have a children, how would he/she is? 
I would decorate the baby room nicely.
I would see my daughter wearing those cute lil dress!
I would bring them to join many activities.
I would capture down every happy moment with my baby^^
I would teacher them many languages.
I would get all cute thing around the world for them:D
I would heard them call my mommy♥  and give me huggies with lots of Lovesssssssss!
Dream is just a dream. Maybe it comes true is 15years later? Looking forward to it...

Keep dreaming these days. Mayb is becoz of exam, studying too much, brain works actively. I dreamt my Jr3 friends are married. Hahaha. quite weird xD I'm attending one's wedding. Forget d >.< dream again tonight? Story to be continue...hahaha

Was studying at Starbucks that day, Biology examination. I found that there's a very suitable place for me to study Bio! coz Bio have so much things to memorise and I need to have many image and people to help me build my memory puzzle ;) Have A try! First time ordered hot drinks..Dolce Latte not bad ;) 

Watched 恋爱季节 ytd. 春夏秋冬:D It lemmi think of Vivaldi's four season. I like that song, especially doing Math :)
So, which do you like the most? I like Autumn:) but I prefer summer in chinese, 夏is so nice^^

I'm so full with the Ice-cream with chocolate cake now. That's perfect match! Just too sweet for me. (coz I dont really like sweet things but SOUR hahaha) Warm melted chocolate flows out of the cake and a scope of ice-cream serve with it. Hot + Cool = great :D That waiter offers me a cup of coffee just now. Hmm. Thanks! ;) Satisfied♥ 

Have a short conversation with my dear math teacher just now. He says he have't mark:\ Wish me Good Luck ><


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outing with 傻婆♥

Holiday! It's time to blog :D Happy Chinese New Year! Will post more about it at the next post ;)
Today, I would like to just post about my stupid bestie Chong Ni Ting. Hahaha. The second time I post u in my blog! Both pavilion outing :O Have the best moment w her at Pavilion. Our planning was failed everytime, even the date we booked a few months ago. This outing was so GREAT! Just called her yesterday.

ME: Tmr wanna go out ? u decide the place. Ask your parents first. If can, I will come back to KL tonight.
NiTing: They say can. YAY. I want watch movie! We go book 百星酒店?
ME: On! Midnight journey, on the way ;)

Nice one! Hehehe. I was wondering what to wear this morning, maybe a dress with a silk stocking? Definitely that's what Ni Ting wear today, but I just wear shirt and jeans -.- aiks! She should take her outfits and LINE me before go out >.< That HK movie is so so so Funny! Can't stop laughing when I saw 吴君如! GENG xD

Ping Xing MAN is so handsome♥ 
After movie we walked to Farenheit88 for lunch. We ate Ramen as our lumch at 4pm-.- hungry!!!! Keep window shopping until forget time >.< The egg is so special! Egg white is cooked but the egg york is still in liquid form :D Nice♥ Especially for us, Egg lovers. I ate egg every meal today :o Then, we continue find our Hokkaido Ice-cream. Can anyone let me know where is it? We can't find it. Just bought another ice-cream at Tokyo Street. It taste nice too ;) The decoration in Pavilion is full of CNY feel. There are 12 zodiac at the entrance. We both are Pig, boar doesn't have a lucky year. SAD :( Luckily there're many many Rats around us :) Going out with NiTing must be capturing photos around. We walked skywalk, the bridge to KLCC and capture with the twin tower. It's funny that we both are Malaysian but we did not take picture with our famous tower right? But sun is too bright, we only can take picture at the garden. Her mom brought some groceries and It's time to back :( We accidentely saw durian ice-cream. Both of us buy one ice-cream again :P Really P I G! Keep eating...FAT!!!


GreenTea & Tiramisu 




NiTing: aaaaaaaaaaa...Rats!! You're you so luckily? Poor lil boar. Seems like we're not the worst :) Pity OX!

What am I doing? o.o 


Yay :D I can touch it!! 1, 2, 3..Jump! (Y)

Durian @.@


We found out the different between Ice-cream lover xD

Capture by me ;)
Living in Malaysia for 17 years. Always come to KLCC but the first time take picture with TwinTower!
Too bad. The sunlight is too bright ><
I'm so damn Happy today because of you my dear Niting♥ Don't know why I'm so exciting to go out with you today :\ We ate 2 times ice-cream xD so expensive @.@
Sorry for the late blogging about your birthday :) A bottle of love letter and wishes from the video for you^^ Oh NO. The photos is not with me now>< Seems like you like my birthday present very much (Y) No matter how tiring to make it, it worth :D ILOVEYOU ChongNiTing!♥