Saturday, January 12, 2013


Once again, Happy New Year! It's not NEW, it's already second Saturday of 2013. One week again. So, how's school life? I don't know how to answer this. There's nothing different but waking up early in the morning. We know each other in class. Everyone is familiar coz it's already the 5th year in Kuen Cheng High School. I've got a new Deskmate, Dexter but I changed to sit with Cassiopeia this two days. Will update what stupid thing that we did in class in these days xP OH YAY no school today, I can eat my favorite Japanese Donuts♥ It's like a few chewing gum balls after you tear them into pieces to eat! There's many performance on the stage for us to watch during our meal. I went to handicraft exhibition after filling up my tummy. Those Origami are so Amazing! You wouldn't imagine how they fold it :O There's a few oldies giving a guitar performance on the next door, so talented :D
Enjoy your pictures viewing :)


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