Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jane Chuck & Thong Jean

My last blog post was on 27th November. Which mean my latest update was on last last Tuesday! It's been two week never update. I'm so sorry. I consider a thing again and again. At last DingDing! I've got it :) That's the reason I'm posting today.

What I'm doing these days?
STALKING Chuckei Baby Jane & Thong Jean Lim!

call me stalk queen? xD  I'm sorry if I'd scare you both. Even myself would feel uncomfortable if any stranger is stalking what I'm doing:\ I apology but what I really wanna say is You guys are really awesome! You're inspiring me:) I wish I can be as Fashionable, Slim, Gorgeous as You. I really hope anyone of you will see this post and give me some opinion of how to be a good blogger.

Jane Chuck

I agree with her:)
She'e prettier without bangs!

What I saw on ViVi magazine
What I saw on ViVi magazine

Thong Jean

She's so sweet :) A girl that study in CHKL and she's younger than me! Love her dip-dye hair so much :D Have a short conversation with her few weeks ago. I was so nervous :o That feeling was like you're going to meet your favorite idol! I'd see many times she online in Facebook but I don't dare find her. It's weird if somebody that you don't know suddenly chatting with you. I find a topic and we start chatting around. I thought she would ignore my message but she didn't. She's very nice. When I asked her about her blog and praised she did very well, she thanked me quite many times.She also taught me use 美图秀秀 to edit those beautiful photos :) I admire Thong Jean very much! Study in CHKL is not a easy thing. She can studying well and blogging well so!

This is what I saw in Vivi magazine yesterday. The model is wearing Baroque Print Shorts! Love it so much♥ I remember Thong Jean photo shoot this before!!

Now, I'm going to say the reason that I'm blogging tonight. I've no idea that why people use to spend hours and hours in front of Facebook or even Blogging. Hmm. I do so :\ Even if you're very famous and popular on the web but those "friend" isn't who really a friend that you know. We will spend more and more time sitting in front of this RECTANGULAR electronic device. Girls will try more way to lose weight because of the unhealthy habit. We spend all our time on web other than do what should we do everyday. As a student, shouldn't we use our precious time on studying? Everyone got their own job in daily life, students is consider as our occupation. Like what Cikgu Ong says, hard-working 6years but enjoyment 60years. Yes, he's Right! but as teenage in this century, we can't live without internet social:P Don't talk about studies, I don't really interested about it xP All I wanna say is use your time in the right way :) Some girl even "ShowOff" their body that most boys like to see to gain their LIKEs. It's that any advantage to her or to just become famous? Hmm. I'm sorry if I offend any readers here >.< This is just what I am thinking about in these days. I'd try to read all Chuckei's blog post until late night. She said that she promised herself she will update a new post in two days even a short one. Her posts are some interesting topic which I don't think I can write one within 2 days in long term. That's why she becomes a blog Queen. There's always a reason that someone different than others. He/She may sacrifice some :) I wonder should I continuing blogging or just close it. It's too hard for me to blog in every 2 days. Maybe I'm not that interest in blogging? o.o And I don't have much readers, even half of ThongJean's :( What I've got is I don't need thousands or even hundred readers like them. This is My Blog. I'm who I am. This is what I like to do. It's my style :) Why should I consider so much that people will like what I like? Nice one:) Hahaha xD

I've open a new bank account today! That's the free piggy bank for new children user. That's not mine since I'm not consider a child xD The Yippie Tiger is so Cute♥ I'd read Chuckei's new post, she's using M2U. It's Maybank too! :D I'm too young to have a credit card or M2U. It's ok, one year more :P I'm going to be more hard-working if not no money to use even I have a debit card :(
I'm not sure what's the use of the card no.
but I think I should cross it :)
Lastly, Please don't sacrifice yourself for just gaining those usefulness Likes ;) Use the right way! As Chuckei or Thong Jean The Best Way and won't make other girl disagreeable!



  1. omg sooooo pretty

    xoxo Wengie

  2. Yea! ♥
    You have a Nice Blog too :D

  3. I love jane chuck too. I met her last time and she is so pretty. I love her fashion very much ! haha :)

    IM missyanda.

    1. Ya. I love her fashion outfits! ♥♥
      I wanna meet her one day ><

  4. u have a nice blog too! Be more confidence lah ;)

  5. Hey, I love their blogs too! And guess what, I also wanted to become a famous blogger as them but I just don't know how :( But I love what u wrote on this post :)


    1. Wow. You have a nice blog too!
      Keep on going! :D

  6. Much love,
    "Loved the blog post <3