Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas :) Nothing different this year. I MUST get a boyfriend with me Next Year! Just as what I do every year, watch movie on 25th December. I collected those movie tickets, but mom had threw them when we moved last year :( Collect again :\ I watched Jack Reacher with a new friend that I know from Prom :) We had a cup of Extreme Mocha from San Francisco instead of popcorn in the cinema. Buy 1 Free 1 season :P That was the latest outing that I go before! We met each other at 5! Normally this time I'm on the way home. But it's FUN :D It was 10 when I reached home.

Jack Reacher

Paradigm Mall

My Christmas present :D 
Tell me which you like the most? :)

Christmas eve Braids
Not a celebration, mom changed all the schedule. At last, we just had supper till 12am-.-
Sorry Constance! I promised to go your house but I didn't. I wanna go /.\

Merry Christmas!
#daphraelizreika 2012


  1. extreme mocha was nice!:D went paradigm mall yesterday also,but went home at 5 ahah

    1. I drink the one without cream:) it's Nice! Some coffee chips inside♥

  2. Much love,
    "Keep up your posts :)!!