Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Cranberries are high in vitamin C, and have antioxidant and antibacterial effects in the body :)
Few days ago, we went to aunt's house in Selayang. We had our breakfast at the market and bought some groceries back. And then, we saw this big red-sphere fruit. That aunty was keep on encourage us to buy this cranberries at her stall. She said it's very good for health, those Malay & India only buy this fruit from her. We took one to try. Wanna know more benefits about it? Click here to Check out. The time before we opened it, everyone was taking their mobile to capture it.
Does it looks delicious?

Once the fruit opened, all of us was like 10 days no eating, keep on smash to eat xD The whole thing gone in about 2 minutes only! Hahaha.

I would like to share about my little 2 year old cousin. He called 蔡可聪. Babies or children is cute. Almost everyone like to play with them, even on the street with someone we don't know. The little cousin's dad is my mom's only brother, Uncle Raymond. Uncle Raymond is married with a Vietnamese. People used to think that those Vietnamese bride come here just for money. Like yesterday news, a Vietnamese mother bring along her child and run away. She threatened her husband to pay over ten thousand to get her back. Is just a news, of course I hope my Vietnamese aunt won't. Back to 可聪, that little boy has a pair of big adorable eyes. He always bully us and show an innocent eyes. Sometimes, if he can't the thing he want, he just "cry" out loud. What I mean "cry" is he flows out his tears at first and then keep on scream and shout. Duh. this little cutie! I like to see his smile and the way he talk. Aww..so cute!!!♥

So dirty!


Who's mouth is bigger? :)


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