Monday, December 17, 2012


Ochado got member card! Cute Doraemon♥ I like to collect member card actually. Hehehe. I've got a new Sephora card and now I'm aiming for this Ochado card :P Diva member card is interesting too but I don't think I have a chance to get it. Way to get: spend over RM200 on original price item and pay again for the card. Not worth! :( *It can be use in Topshop for discount. I don't like TopShop very much. Expensive too. Wanna have a look with my cards in the purse? :)

It's only part of them. I always keep them in my current purse. Too much? I want MORE! Hahaha. Mom don't like too many cards but I wish to get more. Reika = Weirdo -.- Can you please tell me if you know any "interesting" cards? I'll apply if can. Thank you. Saw the chain holding on the mini Starbucks card? It's hard to find a chain which got my name on it. I only saw once in Japan. My name is actually a Japanese name but I heard my language teacher pronouns it nicely as a British name. Hmm. How to read my name properly? o.o 4-leaves Lucky Clover ♥♥♥♥~

There's my dear Taylor Swift new release Music Video. Watch "Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble" on YouTube ! :D The front part is about 2 minutes long. If you can't wait for it, just start from 02:02.

Taylor cut her hair and dip-dyed! Love it~♥

Oh gosh~How to become slim? I wanna lost weight!!!!! Going to attend Bu1 friend's Prom this Saturday. I wanna be pretty and slim to join the party  :((((((((((((((((
There's so many pretty gorgeous dress, I hope I can wear them nicely!

HELP me /.\

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