Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Have a evening coffee @ Plan B
Oh! It's twelve twelve twelve!! I just realize it and quickly write a post here. I just flip over on my Instagram. Everyone is posting 12.12.12. I think they are waiting for 12.12am to post it :P Seen like everyone remember that accept me :( Luckily I'm a night cat who likes to walk around during late night. Hehe. Sleep lately is Bad for health! Especially girls, Dark eyebags! bad skin quality! WRINKLE! T.T I've force myself to sleep earlier. Too bad, I can't sleep! When the light off, I start thinking a lot in my mind. It troubles me, couldn't let me have a pleasant night. Back to 12.12.12. Many couples choose to marry on this Special Day :) coz 12.12.12 means 爱你.爱你.爱你! Aww..so sweet♥ so how I'm going to celebrate this? Hmm. Have a personal shopping at Paradigm? Good idea :D I've a card with me now, why am I still wondering no money in my purse? xD Heh. I must control myself by stop simply using this card :\ My money TT But currently my biggest wish is LOSE WEIGHT! Omg. I'm so fat. Can't bear for letting my brother laugh me pregnant lady ad :( I got many unfitted clothes in my closet which I which I can wear now. Gonna work out more!! I've try a few time last week, but my weight still remain high. Oh dear =(((( Sad. sAd. SAD. Can I just use a knife and cut it? especially those on my Face ><

First thing I'm gonna to do on this special day is, Repaint my nail !
I choose the Brown & Silver one, which is not so noticeable. Scare because of my job:\
It doesn't looks any special here but each nail is actually different color ;)


Omg. I can't believe I can wake up at 7 in the morning during holidays. Maybe for this special day? :) Dress up and Have a nice journey! Shopping dayyyy :D

***I'm very sorry for the bad photo quality. It took clearly on the phone. I should use my camera :(

It's not convenient going there from my house.I had change a few transport. It took me an hour something to Paradigm Mall. When I reach, I started searching Sephora from The Map. I'm gonna buy my Wonder Stuck fragrance TODAY! Love everything from Taylor Swift How long I have desired to get it! Since I'd got the Debit Card, the payment wasn't the problem xD Hehehe.  Enjoying using the card today! #likeaboss Think in another way, My Money TT I'd register a member card from Sephora. Girls, you will get it by any purchase in Sephora. It helps you to collect point. You can use those point to get a discount in the next purchase :) I also tried their Christmas pack lotion. It's quite nice, your hands will look shiny shiny (with glitter I think) after applying but I'm not interested with lotion. There're bottle and bottle in my room which is not used, I'm too lazy xP

Continuing my shopping :) taking my fragrance, walking around with lots of happiness xDD

ZARA in Paradigm is so big! :o
Having a movie! The usher was shocked that I'm watching movie alone. It's my first time. I'm actually enjoying.I bought a cup of Ochado instead of popcorn(it's in a longQ ><) Ochado is having some promotion I think. The large cup and the small cup are the same price :) #greenlover
Life of PI

After movie was 4 something. It's time to back! but I still wanna shop. Went into a Korean Shop and saw this dress. I like this very much! So expensive! I think I'd use over the limit if I buy this. Nanti very 鱼 if the card cannot pass><

Stupid me who don't always look the time (Girls always live in different Time Zone xD) #girlsbeinggirls It was 6pm when I walk to the bus stop. Omg. I'll be late home. I didn't wash the dishes and tidy my room before I go out!!! Died x.x I quickly called my uncle fetch me to stay overnight in his house. Heh! I'm so Bad:P I'm wondering how to tell my mom about the perfume /.\ While waiting him, I had have a cup of coffee in Plan B! (That picture was on top of the post.) The cream made a great taste, not too bitter and don't need to add sugar. I praised their coffee was very Nice. The coffee boy was so happy! He came to me and talked about coffee to me. He gave me a discount for my Flat White coffee xP He wanna give me a try for their Cappuccino(FOC!hehehe) Too bad. my uncle came :( Maybe next time ^^


to be continue tomorrow...
END of my Shopping day :)


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