Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Singapore Trip

Heyyyyy, I'm back :D The 5 days 4 night trip in Singapore! Singapore is such a wonderful place. Clean environment, Polite citizen, Good economy, Cheap daily requirement, and Beautiful night view!! The best choice for immigration, because we don't have language communicating problem x)) There's so many Shopping Mall. If we don't convert the money from Ringgit to Dollar, is CHEAP♥_♥ There's no much different between food, we have the same culture=\ Comparing the S a M e food in Malaysia, their's is Cleaner, Bigger, Cheaper.../.\ The public transport is so convenient. Many colors MRT line.Many schedule bus. We bought an EZ link card and traveled everywhere all by ourselves. Just ask anyone around and they'll tell you the bus number to take. When you arrived the destination, the bus driver will tell you where to stop and walk. We stayed at relative's house these days. Her house is pretty awesome, so Clean! The first thing I went there was asking the Wi-Fi password xP Every night after traveled back, I was sitting there and watching drama using mobile till midnight 3am..really tired >.< The first day and the last day we didnt go anywhere, just the journey between Malaysia and Singapore and Malaysia and ShOpPiNG!

The first item that we bought when we just arrived Singapore at HarbourFront

Preparation before to Singapore :)

Day 1
Universal Studio :P

Although it's not public holiday, still crowded :( Long Q every game, about 2 hours each. Leg pain TT It's raining at the evening, luckily we prepared raincoat and umbrella. The scariest was The Mummy! OMG. It's like Roller Coaster but more ScaRyyyy! (Aahhhhhhh...>_<) In a dark tunnel, a "ghost" came out and warned us. It said, "You will never find the book!" Then the track started rush in a high speed. It wasn't just rush forward, backward too. That's why we're terribly shocked. The best was Transformer The Ride. Wearing a pair of 3D glasses and rid into the transformer city. It's so COOL. Fightttt! We played Madagascar first and then kept round to other world. The Lost World made us all get wet!

Transformer The ride!!

We are cool family xD

The Darkroom!!
I wish I can bring a camera home :)

Dinner Time =D
After Universal Studio, we went to museum. There's a "passport" for us to collect the stamps from  every different place. The lower ground floor of the museum was a sea view preview. It will be open on the end of this year. Free for preview,YaY xP

I wish I can bring him home :\

Take One.


Orchard Road.'s such a big city. We went to Takashimaya first, is a Japanese Shopping Center. The bookshop, Kinokunia so big! It's at the whole third floor. I was searching for my piano score there ;) It's Lunch time, we had it at the Lower Ground Food Court. I love their food! Optional, Delicious, Big, Nice 
Hokkaido Ice-cream!

Night Safari.
It's so far. Almost 2 hours reached there. The show was so "surprising" x)) They put the snake under the stool before the show started. Everyone was shocked when they took the snake out. They picked out a guy and put the snake on him. Suddenly, the light off and the animal keepers ran away, they left the guy alone with the snake. OMG xD The show ended, we took the last bus home. Some MRT station have closed, we changed a few line back to Bedok to wait the LAST bus. "No. 222, 12.45pm, Last bus" wrote on the screen at the bus station, luckily :) If not we have to walk back or take the expensive midnight taxi.

Take Two.

MarinaBay. GardenByTheBay. SingaporeFlyers.
Rainy day :( There's nothing that I can describe these. Just believe what your eyes seen.. AWESOME :D 

AeroLine is so comfortable. I have watched a few movie during the 5 hours journey. It's not like sitting a bus, is like get into a entertaining area and have fun inside :) We sat at the first place of the bus, means the first row on the upper decker. #likeabos Every transport are under your leg. The wide window let us see the beautiful night view. Drinking a cup of Hot Chocolate :P

Back to Malaysia :)
There's a big big different between the same land. Singapore really nice.

Takoyaki party at Katayama house!

YumYum FruiTea
We went to Kuala Selangor to see Fireflies♥ and caught one home. It's dead/.\

20 November!
My dear brother's birthday. Happy Birthday Ichiro~ Lemonade Cheese Cake:) Fatfatfat T.T

Sorry for the late posting ><
I'm watching drama again xP
张翰so handsome


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