Friday, November 9, 2012

Tropicana Golf and Country Resort

I got distinction in my theory Grade 5! As a reward my dear piano teacher brought me to Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. I met a few friends there :D Yenning, Joyce, Tammy, and Serene♥ They're so friendly. We're all from different school. I'm the eldest:\ The girl who sat beside me during lunchtime is Yenning :) We talked about our-self,family, school. I ate chicken chop at The Palm House. It's so nice, or maybe is because I don't eat for a long time? After chit-chat in the restaurant, we were ready for bowling! My first time :D (It seems Cool and Fun!!) There was 8 students, include me. We divided into 2 teams and started our games. I get the first place with the score of 108 marks :P Imagine how excited I was. After that, we went for Table Tennis, which means Ping-Pong what normally we said. I'm worst in that, I still remember how I fail this in sport. Why Kuen Cheng must we learn everything? >.< None of us know how to play this game, but we had a lot of fun in this. We were laughing around, joking about the ball, gossiped next door players......and our ball was "flying" everywhere xD The 2 kiddies sweat a lot and that time was when we back home. I had a piece of cake with Tammy while waiting others going back. My Almond Chocolate Espresso, WONDERFUL♥ Not too sweet. Not too bitter. Perfect :)
Nice to meet you all^^ Hey! new friends :)

Chicken Chop

Bowling Games
I get the highest mark!!

Almond Chocolate Esspreso 

with Tammy

with Serene
Bought this a day before I went to club house. My dear Mommy bought me this!!! Oh gosh~I'm soooooo excited! She said she will pay this as I promised to teach my brother his homework.SURE! Hahaha xD I actually chose Galaxy Note II but mom said that's too big, not suitable for students (especially bringing to school) So Galaxy SIII =) Not bad. It's hard to use my old phone now, cause SIII is big and fast. LOVE it♥ and my cover! Charming♥ I guess I won't buy this cover, it's too expensive! Luckily is free, cause I buy on PC fair xP Satisfied with BOTH!

My holiday life starts :\ Luckily I got work in December, if not the whole month just like now, Wasted. Everyday wake up at 12am, eat, play, drama, sleep...lifeless :( I miss the time when hanging around with friends in school>.< To whom changing school next year, We'll not be classmate/schoolmate again...Goodbye~ /.\ Taken many pictures as memory, Sr1ScC :')


I love this picture so much! I should take one individually><
with Gideon, 4 years friendship^^
ChunChien and Nini behind o.o

with Jolyn
(Jolyn!!! I love you camera♥)
with Nini

*Beep xP

with Kimberly
Facebook!!! press LIKE please xD
with Valerie

Oh dear, byebye :'(
We should take this together!!! =(((

-End of my Senior One live-
*Taken by ChunChien..mommy? xD

Wish all those who leaving us next year Good Luck! All the best in your new school ;) Don't forget to go JianXiang's house gathering. The last time we get together!

I'm trying to find Freelancer job now. Event job has more pay:P SAVE SAVE SAVE money!!! Wanna buy a DSLR to record all our memories >.< I aimed Nikon D5100. It's about 2000+ Fight!! I hope there's still money for me to shopping xP I wanna buy clothes! ><

My first job. Working with EnfaGrow. I drank a lot of milk. Hahaha.
My second job. MITM fair, master card redemption.
My third job. Photographer in Gardens. Polaroid :P
My fourth job. PizzaHut cheezeeee flyers :\

I'm enjoying my holiday life now. I hate the feelings when mom wake me up early in the morning. I hate when I feel sleepy the teacher is shouting in front of the class. I hate the feelings when walking home alone after school. This kinda life will repeat again next year, the last year..maybe:\ I have watched drama a whole day today. Finally I found 真心請按兩次鈴 but is in YouTube(mafan:/)

Just finished watching 犀利人妻 few days ago. This drama made me cry so much T^T Especially the episode when they divorced. I cried so 2 hours @_@

棠棠so pretty! 
I have to back to my drama :P
See you in the next post!

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