Friday, November 23, 2012

Simple dip colors Nails

REMOVED the old and paint again! This time more simple but I like it :) I was wondering to paint it all my favorite color, Greenish-blue(skyblue), but then I saw someone paint like this. I like colors, even my book or note also colorful :P so now my nail do so! I think I'm addict with dip-dye thingy now xD "dipped" my finger nailssssss :D Look at the below image, my toes are colorful too :D It's nice but not easy to take care. My nail is too long and it keep on crash with things that I touch :\

Byebye :')
YOU went to Singapore with me!
Erase and we restart ;)

I found many Nail Art image from Google. The one that I like the most is also  Pokka Dots with Ribbo

Beware! C L A W >.<
I wonder how when she bath xD

wanna try this, maybe when Christmas? :)

Boring afternoon again. Haih..this is what call holiday :\ Look around in Facebook. I saw someone's mobile chain almost same as mine, Kitty♥ Like her because of her Ribbon xP

I'm hungry again when see this photo!
No wonder I'm so fat T.T

Off to Okonomiyaki dinner now, Bye!

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