Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Happy New Year! It's time to say goodbye to 2012 :) Please love me my dear 2013♥

01.01.2013 Celebrate with a gang of HongKong friends. We had starbucks at 1utama until 11.45 and went to a hill beside highways, the place where we watch firework every year :P Countdown and FIREWORKS! Happy New Year :) We're all hugging each other♥ and The last thing we MUST do is Supper! =DD Hahaha. F A T sssssss /.\

Can you believe we're in 2013 now? I still think that 2012 is new to me. Time flies, I'm consider 18 now!
It's that 18 consider a big year? People said that this is a point of a teenage change to an adult. I should try something special on this transaction point, of course no drugs and smoke! Actually I don't have any feeling of joy, I'm taking SPM this year, STUDY. STUDY. STUDY! >< Nothing special for me, maybe I should make some change?

No motivation to study :(
Many people get confuse, as I am 18 but why am I taking SPM this year? Every time when people ask me this question, I may have a little regret. I shouldn't change school. I was studying in government school, BU 1 last time. I changed to an independent school, Kuen Cheng High School when I was form 2. As both syllabus and standard different, I must take from the beginning, junior one. I'm only Senior 2 now, also called form5, that's why I'm taking SPM. I'm so lazy to explain to others sometimes, so I just admit that I studied Peralihan(remove). but Mom always explain to people just to prove that her daughter is smart :') Aww♥
I believe everything happens with a reason. Without wasted one year there I won't know those friends(no BU1 Prom),  my result in Junior One won't be so good(becoz I think I'm elder), I don't have this gang of friends and deardear^^................etc

TWO months holiday O V E R ! It's time to back for school. I miss my friends :) but I'm so lazy to study><   

Prepared a few present for my besties!
New year, New class, New friends. Who'll sit beside me?

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