Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outing with 傻婆♥

Holiday! It's time to blog :D Happy Chinese New Year! Will post more about it at the next post ;)
Today, I would like to just post about my stupid bestie Chong Ni Ting. Hahaha. The second time I post u in my blog! Both pavilion outing :O Have the best moment w her at Pavilion. Our planning was failed everytime, even the date we booked a few months ago. This outing was so GREAT! Just called her yesterday.

ME: Tmr wanna go out ? u decide the place. Ask your parents first. If can, I will come back to KL tonight.
NiTing: They say can. YAY. I want watch movie! We go book 百星酒店?
ME: On! Midnight journey, on the way ;)

Nice one! Hehehe. I was wondering what to wear this morning, maybe a dress with a silk stocking? Definitely that's what Ni Ting wear today, but I just wear shirt and jeans -.- aiks! She should take her outfits and LINE me before go out >.< That HK movie is so so so Funny! Can't stop laughing when I saw 吴君如! GENG xD

Ping Xing MAN is so handsome♥ 
After movie we walked to Farenheit88 for lunch. We ate Ramen as our lumch at 4pm-.- hungry!!!! Keep window shopping until forget time >.< The egg is so special! Egg white is cooked but the egg york is still in liquid form :D Nice♥ Especially for us, Egg lovers. I ate egg every meal today :o Then, we continue find our Hokkaido Ice-cream. Can anyone let me know where is it? We can't find it. Just bought another ice-cream at Tokyo Street. It taste nice too ;) The decoration in Pavilion is full of CNY feel. There are 12 zodiac at the entrance. We both are Pig, boar doesn't have a lucky year. SAD :( Luckily there're many many Rats around us :) Going out with NiTing must be capturing photos around. We walked skywalk, the bridge to KLCC and capture with the twin tower. It's funny that we both are Malaysian but we did not take picture with our famous tower right? But sun is too bright, we only can take picture at the garden. Her mom brought some groceries and It's time to back :( We accidentely saw durian ice-cream. Both of us buy one ice-cream again :P Really P I G! Keep eating...FAT!!!


GreenTea & Tiramisu 




NiTing: aaaaaaaaaaa...Rats!! You're you so luckily? Poor lil boar. Seems like we're not the worst :) Pity OX!

What am I doing? o.o 


Yay :D I can touch it!! 1, 2, 3..Jump! (Y)

Durian @.@


We found out the different between Ice-cream lover xD

Capture by me ;)
Living in Malaysia for 17 years. Always come to KLCC but the first time take picture with TwinTower!
Too bad. The sunlight is too bright ><
I'm so damn Happy today because of you my dear Niting♥ Don't know why I'm so exciting to go out with you today :\ We ate 2 times ice-cream xD so expensive @.@
Sorry for the late blogging about your birthday :) A bottle of love letter and wishes from the video for you^^ Oh NO. The photos is not with me now>< Seems like you like my birthday present very much (Y) No matter how tiring to make it, it worth :D ILOVEYOU ChongNiTing!♥


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